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More than a political debate, energy management is now an important subject in industry, buildings and data centers, which are considered to be very inefficient. By implementing state of the art systems for measuring energy, you can consume less and better, improving your performance.

Energy efficiency

Reduce your consumption by 30%... a mission!

Better performance... an eco-responsible behavior



  • Get more out of your infrastructure
  • Tangible savings on your energy costs
  • Solutions for prevention against the foreseeable increase in the global energy dependency
  • Improve your Return On Investment by taking advantage of HQ subsidies
  • Improve your Environmental reputation


To help you do more, do better, and greener, Techno-Contact offers products and solutions to optimize the efficiency of industrial infrastructure, buildings and IT sectors. 


Find out what the challenges are 

Implementation of ION EEM expert systems for modeling electrical consumption.

Dashboards and reports allowing:

  • Comparison’s efficiency processes for buildings and similar industries
  • Energy saving measuring and monitoring taking into account variables such as: weather, variations in production, changes in production process manufacturing, etc.
  • Calculations of greenhouse gas emissions
  •  Calculations of data center efficiency (PUE - Power Usage Efficiency)
  • Indicator tables dedicated to employee awareness.

• Power Quality Audit (pinpoint power and harmonics problems)

• Energy Audit (identify savings opportunities, provide reports and action plans, take advantage of available subsidies etc.)

• Lighting Audit


Address the essentials

• Energy meters (Powerlogic and Power Measurement)

• Power quality meters

• Inventory of energy efficient, long life lighting products)

• Capacitor banks (Power factor correction)

• Harmonic filter (passive and active)


Implement automation and controls

• Variable speed drives

• Control systems electrical networks and load shedding

• Lighting Control



• Techno-Contact can supply, deploy and configure a centralized energy management software solution (ION Enterprise)

• Integration of energy meters

• Creation of historical database of electrical consumption

• Creation of automatic reports

• Allocation of energy costs by moving department, customer, process.


Implementation of the ION EEM expert system for modeling of energy consumption

• Dashboards & Reports enabling executives to:

• Compare the effectiveness of similar processes, buildings and industries

• Keep track of energy savings initiatives, taking into account variables such as weather, changes in production, changes in manufacturing processes, etc.

• Calculations of greenhouse gas emissions

• Calculation data center efficiency (PUE – Power Usage Efficiency)

• Scoreboards dedicated to the awareness of employees